martedì 10 settembre 2019

Custom necklaces custom jewelry

Good morning my dear followers today I want to tell you about a site just known Custom necklaces .

Custom necklaces is an online Italian eshop of jewelry and accessories that can be customized at advantageous prices.

For those like me who love personalized jewelry. 
A personalized jewelery will never be like the ones found in stores. He will always have original and unique details that will point out who that jewel will wear it. After all, every object comes from the imagination and creativity of a craftsman, so it is natural that it should be something unique like him. Which does not necessarily mean an extravagant product, it could very well be a fine and delicate object, but with original details that make you say at a glance "no, that jewel does not come from a store".

Now I'll show you some custom jewelry ...

For those who have a unique bond with their pet they can make a jewel identical to their puppy through a photo.

Another idea to realize is to indicate the names or the figure of all the members of the family, and why not add a stone of the favorite color of the person you love. 

As you can see from the photos you can choose between different subjects and different shapes, hearts, tree of life or simply the name of the person.

Another indissoluble bond is that of mother and child and we can always carry this union with us through a key ring engraved with the photo we want.

In this section you can view some beautiful men's rings that can be customized and used for the wedding.

I hope to have intrigued you with these beautiful proposals, now you just need to go to the site and make purchases.

Concluding for those who like me like to wear unique and personalized jewels that will help you to always carry with you the memory of the person you love and to let others notice you for this unique creation you just have to visit the site and place your order immediatlyoo . 


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